A Word About Always Empowered's Electromagnetic Pulse Protection

A Word About Always Empowered's Electromagnetic Pulse Protection

Posted by Mike D'Angelo On 6th Dec 2017 In #EMP, #Always Empowered, #AlwaysEmpowered, #SolarGenerator, #SHTF


A word about Always Empowered’s Electro Magnetic Pulse Hardening (EMP)

A significant number of our customers purchase our products to provide them with electrical power in adverse situations or emergencies. One of the major product feature requests we constantly received was for some level of protection against Electromagnetic Pulses (EMP).

There are two types of EMPs that can affect electronic devices

A nuclear EMP is the abrupt pulse of electromagnetic radiation resulting from a nuclear explosion. The resulting rapidly changing electrical fields and magnetic fields may couple with electrical/electronic systems to produce damaging current and voltage surges.

Acoronal mass ejection(CME) is a massive burst of gas and magnetic fields arising from the solar coronaand being released into the solar wind, as observed in a coronagraph. This can have the same effect on electronics as an EMP generated by a nuclear explosion.

When electromagnetic radiation from a nuclear blast or solar event interact with electronic devices by way of hardwire to the electrical grid, or because of their sheer ability to act as an antenna for electromagnetic energy one can expect circuit board resistors, capacitors, and other sensitive components to fry. The prevailing theory is that this could cause severe damage to all things electronic, have a damaging effect on society, and potentially cripple the power grid for years. Some of our customers feel strongly about that, and we have added a level of protection against EMP to our product line where it makes sense.

So how do we protect our products against an EMP?

The best way to protect anything from electrical fields is via a Faraday Cage. Some people think that a Faraday Cage needs to be grounded, but that is not the case unless you are trying to protect yourself from a lightning strike. In an EMP-type event, the ground has plenty of charge already so you’ll want your sensitive electronic devices far away from any connection to the ground.

For our entire line of self-contained solar generators and wind turbine kits, we effectively construct a faraday cage of conductive aluminum inside each case. When the cases are closed, the lid makes full electrical contact with the case body, so the cases are fully encased in a metallic, conductive cavity. This, in theory, should provide a significant level of resistance to electrical fields. In some instances, it even makes cell phones or radios stop working when closed in our cases!

Here’s a look at what our cases' EMP protection looks like, before adding the generator components:

EMP Protection EMP Protection

EMP Protection EMP Protection

Have a question? Contact us or give us a call (415.377.7107), we love this stuff!

How do you know it will work?

We do not have the resources or ability to create an EMP for testing purposes, and in fact, not many people do. What we can do is put forth the best product we can, that relies on solid theory and research. We also incorporated input from several folks who have had military experience. We feel confident that if an EMP-based event were to occur, our customers have a product that is as rugged and as protected as possible