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Tactical Self Contained Solar Power Generator: 2 Series

We build these in our workshop one unit at a time. When we receive an order, we order all the parts the same day. As soon as all the parts arrive, we build it, test it, and send it to you! This usually takes about 10 business days.
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By popular demand, we developed an entry level tactical solar power generator kit that offers a significant level of value, but still maintains class-leading performance.  The SG2A contains all the durability, expandability, EMP shielding, and reliability of the SG1A, at a lower price.  We simply trimmed down the SG1A by offering it with 3 panels instead of 5, and a 1000-watt inverter instead of a 2000-watt inverter.  You can always expand the unit later or link it to other accessories in the Always Empowered line. 

The SG2A is a unique product because it is ruggedized and fully self-contained.  If you buy it, it comes to you fully charged and ready to work.  All you need to do is open up the case, throw the panels into the sun, and snap them into the provided connectors.  If you need household electrical power, you just push the power button on the inverter and the system is working.  You’re all set to go. 


Solar Power:  (3) 20-watt 18V monocrystalline solar panels for 60 watts of solar power

120 Volt Household Power Output:  1000 watts or 2000 watts surge, pure sine wave

Battery Capacity:  50 amp hours

Battery Type:  AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) sealed, non-venting, maintenance free

Charge Controller:  30 amp, automatic digital controller

Wall Charger:  3.5 amp automatic smart charger

Inverter Protection:  250 amp ANL fuse, with spare

Weight:  90lbs

Dimensions:  31” x 18” x 14” (L X W X H)


  • Expansion Port:  can connect to up to three additional boost kits adding 100 watts of solar and 100 amp hours of battery capacity per boost kit (see SG1SB)
  • (2) USB Connections
  • (3) 12V car sockets
  • Precision water-cut 13 layer foam encasement for ruggedness and protection
  • Rugged pelican OD green case
  • Fully EMP-hardened case
  • Fully expandable modular solar panel connector set
  • 6’ auxiliary 12V connection cables for connection to a 5th wheel, car, additional inverter, or additional batteries
  • Interoperable with Tactical Turbine (see SG1T)


smallorangebolt.pngSG2A Instruction Manual       smallorangebolt.pngSG2A Schematic

Feel free to call or contact us, with any questions. We love this stuff!! 415.377.7107

As long as you own your unit, if there is a problem. Put a UPS or a FEDEX tag on it, ship it back to us, and we'll fix it if the problem if its parts or labor related! If for example you blow up your inverter (hard to do!) and you ship it back to us, we will diagnose the problem, and sell you replacement parts at our cost. We stand behind our work. RETURNS/REFUNDS: We don't do them, but refer to the above statement on the lifetime warranty.

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