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Solar Generator Turbine Case

We build these in our workshop one unit at a time. When we receive an order, we order all the parts the same day. As soon as all the parts arrive, we build it, test it, and send it to you! This usually takes about 10 business days.
65.00 LBS
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Expanding upon our powerful line of off grid, rugged power generation products, we now offer a tactical, wind-based solution!  It is designed to simply click into any of our SG series solar generators and greatly expand their power generation capability by 500 watts, which is a TON of power.  The SG1T TURBINE CASE does not comes with an 18 foot self-anchored tower for those that would prefer to build their own tower.  It does come with a pre-wired wind controller, a pre-wired dump load, and it easily snaps into any existing Always Empowered SG series solar generator.  All the tools or hardware you will need to deploy the turbine are included.  

 Please note, this is for folks who would like to build their own tower.  This does not include the tower.  



  • Dump Load:  12/24V 500 watt, 1000 watt max diversion load
  • Turbine:  550 Watt 12V DC 47" Diameter Nylon Rotor, 550 watts @ 15 MPH 100 watts @ 6 MPH
  • Wind Controller:  12/24V, 500/1000 Watts
  • Packing:  (2) Green Pelican Storm im2975 cases with laser water-cut foam



  • Connects to SG series generators via expansion port
  • Comes in one green Pelican Storm im2975 cases
  • EMP protection for turbine case w/electronics
  • Includes all cables and tools necessary for quick deployment 



  • Turbine Case:  65 LBS



Rotating blades present the most serious mechanical hazard. The blades may be moving at velocities over 275 miles per hour (440 km/hr). At this speed, the tip of a blade is nearly invisible and can cause serious injury. Under no circumstances should you install the turbine where a person could come in contact with moving rotor blades.

The user of this system is solely responsible for the use or misuse of these blades. We assume absolutely no liability for ANY injuries caused by these products.

Use all anchoring hardware to prevent a tower collapse, or provide additional anchoring hardware if conditions warrant.

AE/TCC assumes no responsibility for any damage or injury caused by this product due to its rapidly turning blades and tower structure.  Use at your own risk.

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