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Solar Panel Extension Cable 20'

2.00 LBS
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About the SGC50:

The SG1C20 is a handy way to allow deployment of your solar array up to 20’ away from your SG1A, SG2A, or SG1L.  Since the solar connection point on all our generators is modular, this cable can be used to insert in between the solar fan out connector (SG1FAN) and the solar connector on each generator.  This is a heavy duty SEOPRENE 10 gauge, 2 conductor cable that is terminated on both ends with an Anderson PowerPole connectors with heat shrink tubing to further protect the cabling and increase its durability.  (Note:  boost kits come with this assembly when purchased.)


Connector Type:  Anderson PowerPole

Wire Type:  10 Gauge, heavy duty cable

Weight:  2lbs

Dimensions:  12” x 12” x 9” (L X W X H) (coiled up)


  • (2) Anderson PowerPole connector
  • 10 SEOPRENE gauge heavy duty cable

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